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When you’re in pain nothing goes right. We’ll help manage your pain and restore your mobility through diagnosis and personalized physical therapy.

mPower your life

mPower’s customized exercises, stretches and sports training helps restore muscular movement, and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life.

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Managing your pain means a better day on the golf course. mPower can help you lower your handicap with a new competitive advantage.

mPower Performance Physical Therapy

A full range of services

mPower Performance Physical Therapy can help you with a comprehensive medical evaluation and a personal golf fitness program that’s as unique as you are. Each mPower location offers state-of-the-art equipment, procedures and treatments including ultrasound, laser therapy, kenisio taping, and electrical stimulation.
Jeremiah Hales Physical Therapist

mPower is the practice of Jeremiah Hales

Jeremiah is a certified and licensed Physical Therapist dedicated to helping you manage pain, enjoy a better quality of life, and improve your golf game. Jeremiah is a licensed Physical Therapist, Manual Therapist, Golf Biomechanist, Personal Trainer, and Certified Golf Nut. For over a decade Jeremiah has empowered golfers from Iowa State University and the University of Minnesota, PGA tour players, and Club and Junior Players.

mPower Physical Therapy will help you

  • Regain a full range of motion and flexibility so you can move comfortably. Our proven manual physical therapy techniques increase both muscle elasticity and joint range of motion.
  • Enjoy a better quality of life. Our customized exercises re-teach your body how to move correctly with good control, stability and balance.
  • Retain your flexibility with exercises you can use right on the golf course, leading to improved consistency, strength, and power for longer drives.

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mPower Performance Physical Therapy

Customer Testimonials

“Our players have gained more distance, are more consistent, and are able to maintain better posture throughout the golf swing. They have measurable improvements in strength and flexibility all while maintaining health and improving golf related injuries. We are very happy with having Jeremiah Hales as part of our team.”

– Brad James, Director of Golf, University of Minnesota

“Jeremiah is committed to helping each individual in improving flexibility, strength, and balance resulting in a more powerful efficient golf swing. My students increase their swing speed up to 20 mph. I recommend all my students to mPower. They have made it much easier for me to put my students into proper positions.”

– Alan Strang, PGA Teaching Professional, Golden Valley Golf & Country Club

“I have noticed a difference in my ability to hold my body in good form during the golf swing and an increase in endurance. I have also noticed a decrease in pain in my everyday life which I am sure will translate into my golf game. I have been feeling better and stronger. I thank you and look forward to a great season!”

– Rick, Brackett’s Crossing Country Club


Our comprehensive on-line video library of demonstrations and stretching exercises are available 24/7 to keep you in the game. Each of our M-Power clinics offer ultrasound, kenisio taping, six types of electrical stimulation, and state-of-the art fitness equipment. mPower accepts all major insurance plans.


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